The Homeowner’s Transferable Limited Warranty

“O’Hair Shutters, Ltd. will arrange for repair or replacement of components or panels…at no cost to the homeowner.”

In the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect in any of your shutter panels, rest assured that O’Hair Shutters, Ltd. stands behind its products and the dealers who participate in the warranty program. (See complete warranty for details.)

“O’Hair Shutters, Ltd. will supply at no charge, unfinished, uninstalled components to repair shutters with…minor damage (i.e. from pets, children, and other sources).”

At O’Hair Shutters, Ltd. we understand that accidents happen. Allow your O’Hair Shutters dealer to professionally repair accidental shutter damage. O’Hair Shutters, Ltd. will promptly supply your dealer with the components necessary to properly restore your shutters. The best advertisement for our product is to have it beautifully displayed in your home. (See complete warranty for details.)

“Transferable to each owner”

O’Hair Shutters add value to the appraisal of your home. If you decide to sell your home, your shutter warranty is transferable, protecting that value and supporting your asking price. (See complete warranty for details.)